Currency in Orrin is your typically fantasy coin for the most part. There are Copper Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Platinum Coins all of which are 10:1 (10 cp = 1 sp etc.). This page will simple detail the types of coin in the continents. Coins are continentally based and for sake of ease a 1:1 conversion between continents. 

The shapes of the coins vary, the shape is shown in the brackets at the end of the discription.

  • This page is a work in progress*

Elandrasil:           Edit

Copper Coil: Inscribed with the profile of the Hierophant on one side and the other a sailing ship. (Square)

Silver Falcon: Inscribed with a proud warrior on one side and a falcon on the other. Depicts the Legendary Hero Reynaldo. (Triangle)

Gold Crown: Inscribed with a sword pointing downward and an Couatl coiling up the blade with its wings outstretched on one side and a sun on the other side with the words Might, Magic & Mastery arched above the sun. (Circle)

Platinum Tricrown: Inscribed with three towers (Cradle of the Sun Cathedral) on one side and the Platinum Dragon Bahamut on the other. (Hourglass)

Kemar: Edit

Copper Rune:

Silver Scarab:

Gold Disc:

Platinum Pharaoh:


Copper Tong:

Silver Yin:

Gold Jin:

Platinum Bo:


Copper Taku:

Silver Eyas:

Gold Yjara:

Platinum Quet:

Amestra: Edit

Copper Buck:

Silver Dollar:

Gold Ace:

Platinum Nova:

Arcadia: Edit

Copper Florin:

Silver Rigel:

Gold Talent:

Platinum Halo:

Lohrn: Edit

Copper Sun:

Silver Moon:

Gold Queen:

Platinum King: