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Mytharia is a Homebrew D&D Fantasy Realm. The purpose of this wiki is to log world lore and history for my own purposes and the purposes of the Players in my D&D game. If people are interested in my lore then by all means enjoy.

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Mytharia is a Fantasy Realm much like the Forgotton Realms or Dragonlance settings from the Dungeon and Dragons universe. It is a low to high fantasy world that is based on the Planet Orrin. Based with its own pantheon, multiverse, locations and lore that I use for my own D&D Game that I have been running for 8 years. I try my hardest to create original content and avoid copying things but pobodies nerfect!

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  • new page Currency
    created by Treegen
    New page: Currency in Orrin is your typically fantasy coin for the most part. There are Copper Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Platinum Coins all of which...
  • new page The Void War
    created by Treegen
    New page: The Void War takes place a few millennia after the Primal Gods created the Cosmic Sphere . Arhumon and the Voids influence attempted to enter the...
  • edit Orrin
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  • new page Ore Rinna
    created by Treegen
    New page: The “Ore Rinna” is an old dwarven legend about Deothar, Elder God of Creation who the first metal. A pure ore known as the Prima Materia (Ore Rinna...
  • edit The First Aria
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  • edit Yuriel, The Allfather
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  • new page The Cosmic Sphere
    created by Treegen
    New page: The Great Cosmic Sphere is a term used universally by scholars throughout Orrin and beyond. It is a representation of all realms, often referenced as...
  • new page The First Aria
    created by Treegen
    New page: The First Aria Edit ==== There are few creation theories in Mytharia but the most accepted is the Tale of “The First Aria”. In the beginning there...
  • new page Yuriel, The Allfather
    created by Treegen
    New page:              Yuriel (Yur-e-el) is the first-born son of the Primal Gods and the king of all Elder Gods, giving him the title of Allfather. Yuriel is...
  • new page Orrin
    created by Treegen
    New page: Orrin Orrin (Pronounced Ore-In) is the main planet of focus within the realm of Mytharia. Its name comes from an old dwarven phrase “Ore Rinna” which...

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