The Great Cosmic Sphere is a term used universally by scholars throughout Orrin and beyond. It is a representation of all realms, often referenced as marble floating through endless space (The Void). It contains many worlds, gods, faiths in which Mytharia is simply one of many. It is constructed with the outer planes acting as a sort of barrier protecting the inner planes from the Voids influence (even if a bit does slip in now and again).

The Realm Between Realms 

Within the Cosmic Sphere is the Astral Sea of Zion, the realm between realms. A colorful, endless sea of stars, islands and wonder. It is here that all realms are connected and can be traveled to through astral conduits. Zion is home to the Elder God, Levandra and her crystal children, the Lunarians.

The Plane of Passing

When a soul dies it passes to the Ethereal Plane and either is collected by a Reaper or refuses and stays on this plane for eternity (unless put to rest) as a ghost, wraith etc. Some Esper’s or wizards can see or even travel through this plane of existence.  

Outer Planes

Elemental Plane of Air

Elemental Plane of Water

Elemental Plane of Fire

Elemental Plane of Earth

Elemental Plane of Ice

Elemental Plane of Lightning

Elemental Plane of Ash

Elemental Plane of Ooze

Inner Planes

Seven Heavens of Paradise

The Shroud of the Shadowvail

Eternal Fields of Elysium

Nine Hells of Nessus

The Mechanical Heart, Daeruun

Nine Realms of Asgard

Land of Magic, Agartha

Mountain Peaks of Io

Endless Layers of the Abyss


Beyond Mytharia

There are billions of other realms within the cosmic sphere and I often entertain the idea that it is linked to every fantasy, sci-fi or other media realm ever created.