The Void War takes place a few millennia after the Primal Gods created the Cosmic Sphere . Arhumon and the Voids influence attempted to enter the Cosmic Sphere. It was during this war, Arhumon’s influence infected most beings in the multiverse thus creating the Demons. Aberrations and Demons wreaked havoc throughout the multiverse. The Gods lost eons of progress and fought back sealing all Demons into the hole in which Arhumon was coming through (Now known as the Abyss).

The Realm Lock:Edit

Asmodeus the Archangel at the time, decided to traverse the Abyss and seek out and steal power from Arhumon to defeat the Demons and Aberrations but was corrupted in the process. He was granted the powers of a God but after returning to Paradise, Yuriel could tell this power was to much for his son and he would rebell so Asmodeus was beheaded and cast out from Paradise. Yuriel then devised a plan to seal away the Arhumon and its demons as well as sealing away his now corrupt son Asmodeus.

Using the power of the Primal Gods, Yuriel created a great nine ringed lock the size of a realm above the Abyss. The Primal Gods were sealed against their will in their respected realms in a sort of stasis, Tidal, at the bottom of a Bottomless Sea, Asura, chained within a great sun, Gaia, petrified within an underground mountain range and Zyr trapped within an unending tempest. Each Primal God produced enough energy to create the lock and trap Arhumon at the very bottom of the Abyss. Yuriel then cast the treacherous angels within the Lock which is now known as the Nine Hells of Nessus. If the Primal Gods ever are to awaken it could unlock the Void from within the pits of hell end of the Multiverse.

After Effects:Edit

After the Void was sealed away, Mind Flyers or Iid secretly infected the multiverse. Beings that take the shape of small worm-like voidlings who remained unnoticed by the gods and infected some of the later races turning into hyper intelligent Espers who remain as spies of the Void and lurk in the darkest corners of the earth.

Demons can be summoned through ancient Void rituals but it is very uncommon for this to happen. Some Demons are left over from the Void War but are sealed away in ancient temples or unholy locations in the world.  

Abberations leak into the world through small void rifts. Some Abberations, much like the Demons, are left from the Void War and are trapped in secret areas